How Students Request Test Accommodations


  1. Students contact SSD for an updated copy of their plan.
  2. Students make an appointment with each of their instructors and share a copy of their Accommodation Plan.  Students must be present and available to answer questions at this meeting.
  3. Students clarify with their instructor(s) about their exams and where they will be taken. Instructors decide where exams are administered.
  4. For paper exams and quizzes, instructors complete the SSD Instructor Exam Proctor Form (Link has been added to the student accommodation plan.) The instructor will identify where the student will take paper exams (at SSD testing center or a location provided by the instructor).  It is the student's responsibility to discuss scheduling conflicts with their instructor in advance.  Student exams may need to be scheduled at alternative times so a student does not miss other classes. 
  5. Once the proctor form is completed, a copy will be sent to SSD, the instructor and the student.  If the instructor wants student exams proctored at SSD, the student will report to SSD testing center on the scheduled days and times. 
  6. Due to the high volume of paper exams administered by the SSD Testing Center, we need advance time to print, prep exam materials, and set up assistive technology and instructions for the student.

    Two options for delivering exam materials to SSD:
    A) Exam/Quiz is emailed to SSD at least 24 hrs in advance or
    B) The printed exam can be hand delivered to SSD (116 LPH) on the day of the exam
  7. If exams are online, no additional information is needed by SSD. The instructor extends the time.

Questions regarding Testing Accommodations should be directed to Melissa Wulf (